Quantum Biofeedback

Is a non-invasive therapeutic instrument that electromagnetically scans the body for stressors and imbalances. It is capable of sending and receiving signals through the use of wave, sound, and light frequencies

LIFE System

Uses 9-point harness system

Gives and Receives Signals

There is an  "Assessment Period" which will help recognize areas of potential imbalance or stress

 A "Bio-feedback Period" which will help the body relax and move away from the stressful pattern and into a healthier state of well being.

A painless tool that is excellent for uncovering toxic stressors that could be affecting you

DNA Strand

Goals of Biofeedback

To identify the root cause of dis-ease in the body. When the body, mind, and soul are brought back into balance with the use of frequencies, diet, and supplementation it has the ability to heal itself

Do You suffer from:

Poor Sleep

Digestive Problems

Aches and Pains


Chronic flus and colds

If you answered YES to any of these than biofeedback is for YOU!

Session Length

initial biofeedback sessions last 90 minutes

Subsequent session last 40-45 minutes

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