COIVD-19 has brought about many changes to people's lives and has shown us the great balancing act of life.  It has made us question what is really important, how do we spend our time, and what we value.  I have had clients tell me they appreciate the slower pace in life and wondered how their life became so stressful before.

In March my business was shut down and remained closed for three months due to an Executive Order.  During this time, as many of you know, I took a job working at Busch's as a cashier.  While I am so thankful for that job because it helped us get through the shut down, it is not my dream job.  Massage is starting to really wear on my body and I have been told it is a huge contributing factor to my chronic back pain.  So during those three months I prayerfully searched what my dreams, direction, and goals were for my next phase in life.  

It has been a dream of mine since I was five years old to be a neonatal nurse.  I remember having a doll that I took with me everywhere; some people even thought she was a real baby because of how I cared for her. I would push her in a stoller, carry her on my shoulders, and tell my family that someday I wanted a job taking care of babies.  When I went to college years ago, I was not a great student and ended up choosing a different career path.  

My grandma was 55 years old when she went back to school and received her LPN. She loved every hour she worked as a nurse. I question if I am too old to return to school but I figure if my grandmother did it, I can too. So with three very stressful months agonizing over this, many sleepless nights, college applications, and meetings with acadmeic advisors I have deceided to go back to school full time starting August 31, 2020.  I have one year of pre-reqs to complete before applying to nursing school next fall.  

What does this mean for massage?

1)  I will have limited hours and less flexibilty.  

2) In order to save money, I am shutting down this website. However, you will still be able to book online through massage book

3) I will not be selling gift certificates, as I fear that I will not have the availability to get people scheduled to redeem them. 

4) My schedule will change from semester to semester so this will affect availability.  

I am thankful for each and every one of you, and appreciate your business over the years. I pray each of you are learning how to balance life with work, fun, and the new challlenges with COVID-19.  I look forward to continuing to serve you. 


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